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A great place to work!!!!


It is our aspiration to be great not only in our business progression but also as a caring employer. Since the company was founded, the bond between the Board of Directors, shareholders and employees of the company has always been strong. The company acknowledged the contributions made by the employees and believes that having stable productive employees will enhance the profitability of the company.


We take great measures in providing good quality livelihood to all employees and the tremendous development of amenities such as housing, house of prayers, sports and recreational facilities. This improvement confirmed our commitment in making Pontian United Plantations Berhad a great place to work.



  Housing for executives, staff and workers are provided within the estate.


  Football field and gymnasium facility for the sports enthusiast.


Canteen offering variety of foods and drinks.





Menara Subok, situated at Subok

Estate, offer spectacular views ofthe surrounding estates and Kinabatangan river.



Pangkalan Orico, a riverview recreation

facilities provides a great picnic ground.

The facility is located at Orico Estate and beside the Kinabatangan river.

Variety of wetland trees species can be found here.


Children's Education

We ensure that our employee's children received proper education even though being in a secluded area and far away from town. In working towards providing good education to our employee’s children, the Company has been engaging the service of Borneo Child Aid Society; a Malaysian based Non-Profit Organisation to operate 3 HUMANA learning centres in our estates. A school bus services was also provided to transport our school children to the nearest government school.


  HUMANA Learning Centre situated at Pontian Fico Estate.




The wellbeing of the employees and their family residing in the estate has never been neglected. We have established our own clinic in most of our estates and attained the service of Medical Doctor apart from our own in-house Hospital Assistants. Health and medical equipment and facilities are constantly upgraded in our clinics to ensure that our employees health are not being jeopardise.


Our employees have also benefitted from our monthly health activity such as scheduled immunisation exercise by the Kinabatangan Health Department. Immunisations are given to our employees children in the estate. Apart from that, our employees are also given medical check up and vaccination on parasitic disease such as filariasis.



  Fico Clinic provides medical services to all employees.



Ambulance are provided by the company for faster transportation of patients to the hospital.



Immunisation by Kinabatangan Health Department being carried out at Fico Estate Clinic.




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