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Pontian United Plantations Berhad

is fully committed in the conservation and preservation of the environment. It has always been a policy of the Company to maintain close balance between the environment and the Company’s progression in the Palm Oil Industry. At least 6 of the estates under the Company are bordering the Kinabatangan River, Sabah’s largest and longest river. Kinabatangan area is a forested floodplain that has one of the largest flora and fauna concentration in Sabah. Due to this unique biodiversity of the area, the Company has always been careful in the development of its land to ensure that no harmful negative impact is done to the environment.











The Company has always been supportive towards the protection of the environment and has collaborated with NGO’s such as WWF Malaysia. In April 2000, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with WWF Malaysia – ‘Partners for Wetlands’ in undertaking reforestation projects on the Company’s reverine land along the Kinabatangan River. Two of the Company’s estate, namely Pontian Orico Estate and Pontian Hillco Estate was chosen for the WWF projects. The objective of the reforestation project was to explore the viability of planting alternative crops on flood prone land as well as to create a buffer strip to reduce damage from floods. Apart from that a designated land was also assigned to Forest Research Centre (FRC) for research plots mainly to improve techniques for replanting native wetland tree species.


Environment protection is one of our major responsibilities as a caring and concern company. New innovative beneficial ideas which aim at reducing conflict between the growth of the company and the environment is always welcome. The company is moving towards sustainable development where the following practices are being carried out:

  1. Efficient use of energy, water and raw materials.

  2. Maintain close co-operation with relevant authorities and the surrounding community on environmental issues.

  3. Efficient waste utilisation.

  4. Meeting all statutory requirements.

  5. Support all activity that aims at environment conservation and preservation.

  6. Create awareness by educating the workforce to protect the environment.



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